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New Version Coming Soon.
I have restarted work on new version of both scripts. No idea of when they will be released.
This is the new home.
This is the new home for GroovyScripts.net. The website at GroovyScripts will be closed soon. All traffics will be redirected to here.

I have copied affiliate accounts, buyers, download links from GroovyScripts to here.
PBTA v1.0.6.1 is released.
Pay Banner Textlink Ad version is released.
PBTA v1.0.6 is released.
Pay Banner Textlink Ad version 1.0.6 is released.
Advertiz v0.2 is released.
Advertiz PHP Script version 0.2 is released.
Advertiz v0.1 is released.
Advertiz PHP Script version 0.1 is released. It is the first version.

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